Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Good-bye Calgary!!!

I spent my last weekend in Banff, Alberta with my family before moving to Santiago, Chile for my last semester of University where I will be teaching English along with online courses.  This picture was taken at Sunshine Ski Resort.   It is funny I am leaving Calgary here where the current temperature is -40C with the windchill and should arrive in +30C in Santiago.  I am going to be really confused haha.

Good news regarding Calgary Daily Photo:  My dad is going to submit photos to me to post on my blog to help keep the pictures coming.  The posts will be less often but will be a reminder for me of Calgary.  Hope you continue following.

Thanks for all your interest,



  1. The best of luck Kris, and welcome David... look forward to seeing your posts...

  2. Thanks, Lana

    I have a new blog for Santiago, Chile at: http://santiagodailyfoto.blogspot.com/